Dogs are ‘live in the now’ creatures, out of sight, out of mind.   You depart, wracked with guilt and the dog looks totally grief-stricken.  As soon as you go they transform from the quivering, miserable wreck that you left in our office to a happy, inquisitive, tail-wagger. We give “Drama Dog” awards for the best performance.   And all this happens before you’ve reached the main road.

You will return after a day, a week or a year to a rapturous welcome.

Please email for a progress report if you are concerned. We are here to ensure that your pet has as good a holiday as you do.

Dogs are a perfect mirror of your emotional state. They are like kindergarten children, if you are upset, they will be upset. When you drop your dog off it is very important to keep a light, happy voice, say goodbye and leave quickly. Then cry on the way home in the car!
After the initial excitement of greeting all the family, your dog may sleep for some time. Kennels are stimulating places with lots of friends, food and fun. Your dog may need to recuperate just as you do after an active holiday.
It is very normal for boarders to feel apprehensive when they arrive, particularly for a first stay. We spend time and effort to make them feel comfortable.  Our team also has a daily confab about how each individual is faring and who would benefit from a change of diet, a move to a different spot, an extra cuddle etc.

Sometimes we introduce a companion; one quiet, gentle dog of an appropriate age and size who will show them the ropes. We have lots of lovely furry regulars who make excellent baby-sitters and just love the job!

Once your dog is familiar with some playmates, the routine and the surroundings, they settle very happily.

We feed twice a day and give a high-quality, preservative-free mixture of roll and kibble. We also have a supply of tinned mackerel, tinned tuna, fish fillets, chicken necks, minced duck, kangaroo and a variety of tinned dog foods.   We have a special technique for anyone who’s reluctant to eat – it’s called BBQ chook – works every time

We will feed whatever you care to supply. However, we do find that our guests enjoy our food, so, unless the diet is medically prescribed, we suggest that you give your dog our tucker for a holiday treat.

You are welcome to bring along bedding or a toy with the precious scent of home. We do our best to return these items but things sometimes disappear, so nothing of great value please.  Leave the diamond studded Gucci collars at home.

There are two schools of thought about familiar items from home. One is that it helps a boarder settle in. The other is that it perpetuates the memory of home and has an unsettling effect. Who said that being a dog owner was easy!

Certainly. We’re only too happy to keep pooches who normally sleep under the parental duvet extra cosy.
The kennels are fully insulated and ventilated. They are cool in summer and warm in winter. Our outdoor areas have shade to ensure that our boarders are comfortable all year round.
We believe in fresh air for everybody, everyday. Boarders are outside for several hours each day except in rainy weather or extreme heat.

When the dogs are outside, we match them for size, age and personality. So that our gentle, old ladies are not teamed up with the rowdy crew. Those of a grumpier nature, who prefer their own company, have a garden to themselves.

Veterinary Care

In Terrey Hills we have our local vet practice which provides an excellent service. We also have an after-hours emergency vet hospital. We will notify you or your contact person of any problem. Should you prefer we can contact your own vet and arrange a pet transfer.

This is a perfectly natural adaptation to a change in diet. Reverting to the normal diet at home may thus trigger a harmless short term change in bowel habit.
Rate per calendar day varies from $36 to $48 with size of dog and whether it is low or high season. We offer special rates for seniors, long stays and multiple pets. Contact us for a specific quote.
Opening Hours

Opening hours are – 7.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 1pm Saturday.

We prefer boarders to arrive in the morning so we can settle them in nicely.

We are closed on Sundays & public holidays.


For a pet taxi, contact Janet at Porter’s for Pets . Janet delivers to and from Sydney Pet Boarding daily from Monday to Friday and at other times by appointment.

Tour Times

Feel free visit between 10.00am and 1.00pm from Monday to Saturday. By 10 am, we have finished the daily cleaning routine and are looking spic and span – for the shortest of times until our party animals undo all the good work!!

We require proof of current C3 and intra-nasal canine cough vaccination.
Canine cough is one of the most common respiratory illnesses in dogs. It is very similar to the common cold in humans and any one of a variety of germs can cause it. Like the common cold it is thus not entirely prevented by vaccination. Dogs can become infected wherever they gather such as parks, obedience classes, dog shows vet clinics or boarding kennels.