Cat boarding SydneyComfort for Cats

Cats require special attention when away from home.   We offer one high standard of ‘air-conditioned accommodation for all and everyone has access to a safe enclosed garden area.   Our cat condos have cosy indoor hidey-holes, heat pads, classical music and balconies with a view of the great outdoors.

Comfort for Cats

We are a small establishment

A Day in the Life of …

First thing in the morning, we feed breakfast and open up our secure outdoor areas.   Boarders can wander out to smell the roses, have a stretch on their chair or glare at the rabbits the paddock.

Everywhere is cleaned, bedding checked and litter trays changed.   We look spic and span for the briefest of times until the party starts again.

At the end of the day we serve a second meal and give everyone a cuddle and their daily health check.

The Elderly

We specialise in the care of the elderly.  We provide a ground-floor condo with access to an outdoor deck or garden where they can just lay in the sun and watch the world go by.

We supply an warming pad 365 days a year for those old bones that just can never get too much heat.

The Elderly


We feed two meals daily; a good quality preservative-free kibble in the morning as well as tinned fish and minced beef in the evening.    We cater for the special dietary requirements of kittens, elderly cats and fussy eaters.

We keep a stock of tinned tuna, tinned mackerel, chicken wings, fish fillets, prawns, minced kangaroo or duck and a variety of tinned cat food.

Bedding and Toys

Feel free to bring along something with the precious smell of home.  We do our best to return these items but, like socks in a washing machine, things disappear; nothing of great value please; leave the Gucci or Prada at home.

There are two schools of thought about familiar items from home.   One is that it helps a boarder settle in.   The other is that it perpetuates the memory of home and has an unsettling effect.   Who said that being a pet owner was easy!

Pet Boxes Essential

Every cat, guinea pig or rabbit must arrive in a secure pet box which remains with your pet.   This is an essential part of our emergency evacuation procedures.


We require a current F3 vaccination certificate.

When you check in

On arrival at Sydney Pet Boarding We require the following-

ContactMedicationVaccinationTick protection

It is essential that we have details of any medical issues such as surgery, injury or illness, lumps, limps, allergies, skin conditions, eye and ear problems.

This knowledge enables us to care properly for your pet.

If your pet has any foibles, is an escape artist or can pick a Yale lock, we’d like to know in advance rather than find out for ourselves.

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