The cattery is comfortable all year round; cool and shady in summer, cosy in winter with indoor hidey holes and electric heat pads.

Each condo has a quiet indoor area leading through to an outdoor balcony with views of the great outdoors. This opens out to an enclosed garden or deck.

Everyone has everyday access to their own garden or deck. There are climbing logs, places to lounge and an abundance of cat grass, penny royal and cat mint. Even at our busiest times, every boarder has daily access to the great outdoors.
Cats do not share unless they are from the same family. Even then, it is not unusual for cats from the same household to have a tiff. For these cranky pants, we give you a choice of housing them together during the day and separate at night; or completely separate at all times.
The cattery is surrounded by gardens and completely separate from the kennels. There is absolutely no contact with the dogs.
There are two schools of thought about familiar items from home. One is that it helps the pet settle in and the other is that it perpetuates the memory of home and unsettles the animal for longer. It’s not easy being a cat owner was easy?
In the morning we feed good quality, preservative-free kibble and in the afternoon we offer both tinned fish and minced beef. We also have tinned tuna, tinned mackerel, raw fish fillets, raw prawns, raw minced kangaroo or duck, chicken necks and a variety of different tinned cat food.  We usually manage to tempt the most discerning of palates eventually.
We will feed whatever you provide but find that our boarders do enjoy our tucker.  Unless the diet is medically prescribed, we suggest that you give your cat our food for a holiday treat.
This is a perfectly natural adaptation to a change in diet. Reverting to their usual diet after their holiday may trigger a harmless short term change in bowel habit.
Rate per calendar day varies from $28 to $33 with low to high season. We offer special rates for seniors, multiple pets & long-term stays. Contact us for a specific quote.
We require a current F3 vaccination certificate.
Veterinary Care

In Terrey Hills we have our local vet practice which provides an excellent service. We also have an after-hours emergency vet hospital. We will notify you or your contact person of any problem. Should you prefer we can contact your own vet and arrange a pet transfer.

Opening Hours

Opening hours are – 7.30am to 3pm Monday to Friday and 7.30am to 1pm Saturday.

We prefer boarders to arrive in the morning so we can settle them in nicely.

We are closed on Sundays & public holidays.

Feel free visit between 10.00am and 1.00pm from Monday to Saturday. By 10 am, we have finished the daily cleaning routine and are looking spic and span – for the shortest of times until our party animals undo all the good work!!

For a pet taxi, contact Janet at Porter’s for Pets. Janet delivers to and from Sydney Pet Boarding daily from Monday to Friday and at other times by appointment.!