guinea pig boarding

Life in the Caviery

The caviery provides a safe and secure environment for guinea pigs (aka cavies).   They may be small but still need lots of care and attention.

Because they have poor tolerance to extremes of heat and cold, our special facility is entirely indoors.   It is air-conditioned and set at a comfortable, constant temperature all year round.

Guinea Pigs are housed in separate pens with hidely holes, tunnels, boxes and logs to make life interesting.

The caviery is separate and distant from the kennels or cattery.


Guinea pigs have continual access to food which is checked and refreshed several times a day.

We give a generous helping of a variety of veggies.   This is a mixture of leafy greens and herbs along with a small amount of carrot, capsicum, kumara as well as fresh fruits and berries for a treat.

A generous supply of meadow, rye or oaten hay is always available.

We also feed an appropriate serve of Oxbow or Vetafarm pellets.   Pellets are sprinkled on the hay to provide entertainment in the forage for food.

Fresh water is supplied in both a bowl and a sipper.

All About Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are a native of South America.   There are many different breeds from short haired Abyssinians to long haired Peruvians.  Some breeds look as though they have a perpetual bad hair day!

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When you check in

On arrival at Sydney Pet Boarding We require the following-

ContactMedicationVaccinationTick protection

It is essential that we have details of any medical issues such as surgery, injury or illness, lumps, limps, allergies, skin conditions, eye and ear problems.

This knowledge enables us to care properly for your pet.

If your pet has any foibles, is an escape artist or can pick a Yale lock, we’d like to know in advance rather than find out for ourselves.

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