dog boarding sydneyIt’s a Dog’s Life.

We are a small establishment and because the majority of boarders are return visitors, we quickly develop an intimate knowledge of your dog.

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We have one standard of accommodation and give a high level of care to all our boarders.   Everyone is housed indoors in air-conditioned comfort with calming classical music.

Dog Days

After breakfast our boarders go out into garden runs.   They are matched for age, size and temperament to ensure that a good time is had by all.

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Around midday we bring everyone back indoors.   Some for a siesta and others for a walk or play-time.   Then it’s back outside for another breath of fresh air.

At the end of each day, we feed a second meal and settle everyone down with a cuddle.   This gives us the opportunity to do our daily health check; to look at eyes, ears, general demeanour and specifically check for ticks.

The Elderly

We specialise in the care of elderly dogs.   A holiday with us is relaxing and entertaining when you’re getting on in years.   Elderly dogs are housed in The Lodge, a quiet area  with level access to the garden.   There are sofas and comfy mats for those who can’t manage a trampoline bed and soft foods for the dentally challenged.

Having a retired doctor and a vet in the family, we are well-versed in the care of those with special medical needs as well as the blind, deaf and befuddled.


We feed a high-quality, preservative-free mixture of roll and kibble.   We also have a supply of tinned mackerel, tinned tuna, fish fillets, chicken necks, minced duck, kangaroo and a variety of tinned dog food.   Enough to tempt the fussiest of eaters.

Bedding and Toys

We provide trampoline beds and blankets.

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First Time Away from Home?

What about a trial stay? We introduced trial stays at the request of customers and have found them useful, particularly if extended overseas travel is planned.

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When you check in

On arrival at Sydney Pet Boarding We require the following-

ContactMedicationVaccinationTick protection

It is essential that we have details of any medical issues such as surgery, injury or illness, lumps, limps, allergies, skin conditions, eye and ear problems.

This knowledge enables us to care properly for your pet.

If your pet has any foibles, is an escape artist or can pick a Yale lock, we’d like to know in advance rather than find out for ourselves.

And most important of all…

Be bright and cheerful when you leave, hand your dog over to us and leave quickly.   Dogs mirror their owner’s emotions.   If you are upset, your dog will be upset.   We give “Drama Dog” awards for the quivering wreck of a pooch who transforms into a happy tail-wagger as soon as their owners are out of sight.

Your dog will have a good time with us and you will return in a day, a week, or a month to a rapturous welcome.


We require proof of current C3 and intra-nasal canine cough vaccination.

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