We require a current vaccination certificate.

  • Cats require F3.
  • Dogs require proof of current C5 vaccination.
  • Rabbits  require a current calicivirus.
  • No vaccination is required for guinea pigs.


All medication should be in the original packaging from your vet, clearly labelled with the name of pet, name of medication and dosage.

General Health

It is essential that you inform us of any medical conditions, past and present – illness, injury, surgery, lumps, limps, skin conditions, food allergies, eye and ear problems.   Such knowledge enables us to care properly for our boarders.

Veterinary Care

Occasionally animals need the attention of a veterinarian.   The local Terrey Hills Vet practice, which we use for our own animals, provides prompt and professional service.   Additionally, we have NEVS an after-hours emergency vet hospital in Terrey Hills.   Alternatively we can contact your own vet and arrange for your pet to be transferred.

Protection Against Ticks

Ticks are endemic in this area and can occur at any time of the year.
Paralysis ticks can be fatal to dogs and cats.

We have a supply of Nexgard, tick collars and spot treatments.   Whilst no treatment is 100% effective, we strongly recommend that all cats and dogs have current prevention.