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Sydney Pet Boarding is a small, family run business offering personal care and attention for your furry family.   It is owned and operated by Dr Rosslyn Morrison, a retired doctor and her daughter Dr Helen Peam, a veterinarian.

Every pet is different.  We tailor our care to the specific needs of the individual and make a special effort to ensure that everyone has a comfortable and relaxing stay.


Elderly pets are especially welcome.   Having a retired doctor and a vet in the family, we are well-versed in the care of those with special medical needs, the blind, deaf and befuddled.


Long-term boarders are well catered for and have an individual programme designed for them.


We used to be Woodcroft Pet Boarding



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Our team have a daily discussion about how everyone is faring.   We treat a cavoodle puppy differently to a thirteen year old lab, a ragdoll kitten differently to an elderly siamese, a buck rabbit differently to a little pair of guinea pigs.  



We can look after your pet for a day or a year; when you’re on holiday or when things are happening at home such as renovations, parties, new fencing, a new baby or moving house. 


 Elderly dogs are housed in a quiet area with a level walk out to the garden.   We have comfy mats for those who can’t manage a trampoline bed and soft foods for the dentally challenged.   Elderly cats have a ground-floor unit with access to an outdoor deck where they can just lay in the sun and watch the world go by.   We also supply an electric warming pad 365 days a year for those old bones that just can never get too much heat.  


When Woodcroft opened for business more than fifty years ago the name was quite unique.  But over the last 10 or 15 years the suburb of Woodcroft has been established in Western Sydney.   Woodcroft (the suburb) has steadily expanded and there is now some serious confusion about where we are located – so we changed our name to Sydney Pet Boarding.





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